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Oulun Voimistelijat is a high-quality gymnastics club, which offers
its members various kinds of movement and exercise opportunities.
Find a group for you on this site!

In our club, you can engage in goal-oriented competition in several different sports, in which our club's representatives have been successful at a national level. Our club's competitive sports are aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG), competitive aerobic (KA) and rhytmic gymnastics (RG). In addition to these, our club has competing groups in dance sports.


We offer recreational exercise for children of all ages and levels. Different groups and classes are available for children and young people starting from two-year-olds. Our weekly program includes for example trick-gymnastics, dance classes and gymnastics schools. 


We offer many different exercise groups for exercisers of all ages and levels. The large variety of classes improve your overall well-being. For example classes take care of the body and develop your sense of rhythm. There is something for everyone and you can work out at your own pace. 

Registering for our activities happens online through the Suomisport system.

Dear member of ONV! 

Registering to our groups happens online through the Suomisport -system. From now on, you will find all your memberships, group information, payments and fees from your own Suomisport account.

If you don't own a smartphone, you can handle all matters related to registration at the office.

How to create an account?

1. Log in to the service at or download the Suomisport -app to your smartphone

2. If you don't have an account yet, the system directs you to create one 

3. Watch an instruction video by tapping this text if you need help with an account! 

How to join as a member of ONV and register to groups?

1. Create an account or sign in to your already existing account

2. Join as a member via link:

3. Pay the membership fee (20€ fee will be payable in 1-2 days)

4. Register for a group of your choice online and pay for the class fee

5. All done, welcome to move with us!

Membership fee to be paid at Suomisport

After you have been approved as a member of ONV, membership fee will be payable online in Suomisport in few days. We will no longer send bills or accept payments to our bank account. Instead, you get to choose a payment method of your choice (online bank, payment card, Mobilepay etc.) in Suomisport. 

You will find all our groups from "Sportti search" online in Suomisport. You can also register to groups via links on our website. You are entitled to try out for a group once before you register for the whole season. A try out does not commit you to anything. If you decide to cancel the registration, it is possible by contacting our office via email: However, payments are not refunded except for long-term sickness or other compelling reasons.

If you have difficulties with your account, please contact customer service via email at If you would like to get more information or help with registration on our groups, please contact our office via email: We are happy to help you! 

Sporty regards,

ONV's management and executive director Eeva Juola

From below you will find information about the membership fee, seasonal fees for the summer season and payment methods.

In addition to the membership fee, you will also pay the group's seasonal course fee.

 20 € 

The membership fee is paid annualy. The membership fee cannot be paid with sports benefits.

50 € (May and June)
35 € Only May
30 € Only June
Students and the elderly
45 € Whole summer
Children under 15 years
30 min / 80 €
45 min / 90 €
60 min / 100 €
Childrens dance classes
Educated danceteacher as an instructor
Family dance 2–4 v / 35 €
Showdance 6–8 v / 25 €
Showdamce 9–14 v / 25 €
One time payment
7 € / hour
Reserve the exact amount of money if paid with cash

MobilePay, pay with the code: 60637

Single tickets
70 € / 10 hours

(pick up one-time tickets against a receipt from the club office or from the instructors during class)

Supportive membership fee

An amount of your choice

Payment to club's bank account


reference number: 20909

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